Answers to our most frequently asked questions appear here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, or wish to speak to a real person, simply call Shines on 0418 883 551

  • Do you supply other grades of shellac?

We supply virtually all grades of shellac, including (but not limited to): Waxy White Shellac, Garnet Shellac, Ruby Shellac, Button Shellac, and Blonde Shellac

  • Can I pick up my order from Shines?

Pick up of goods is currently by appointment only. Call Shines on 0418 883 551 to arrange an appointment and get the pick up address

  • How much freight do you charge on orders?

Generally, frieght is charged by weight and destination and will appear in your cart at checkout. As a guide, freight in Sydney is ~$15, other major centres will be $20+, and other areas are $30+

  • Do you have hardened shellac?

Yes! In fact, Shines developed hardened shellac to resist heat and moisture, which provides a much more durable finish.

  • Do you have this product I used to buy but can’t find anymore?

We have so many specialty products, that it is worth calling Shines on 0418 883 551. You might get lucky!

  • Can I buy in bulk and get a discount?

Sure, give Shines a call on 0418 883 551 to inquire about bulk buys.

  • Where is the GST on your products?

All prices on are inclusive of GST. If you contact Shines, then we can quote you prices exclusive of GST.

  • Do you have a catalgue?

We currently have a commercial price list which is available upon request. We are also working on getting a colour catalogue (without prices) ready for download from

  • How do I get in contact with Shines?

All our details except our pick up address can be found on our contact page. Details are repeated here as well:

Telephone: 0418 883 551

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