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Shines has a rich history of quality products and service stretching back over 100 years. Prior to 1909, James Rooke and some friends started the business “Metal Polish and Linoleum Cream” in Sydney, NSW. Shines Limited was formed to incorporate this business in Australia. Australia was a very young nation, having only become a country with a federal government eight years earlier in 1901.

about us history 1909
Shines Limited incorporation in 1909
about us history 1909
Shines Limited incorporation in 1909
about us history 1909
Company name changes to Shines Pty Ltd in 1937

Shines had a long history based in Rosebery and began producing French Polishes from quality grades of shellac. There was a minor change in the name in 1937 to Shines Pty Limited, for which James’ son, Peter Rooke, acted as company secretary. It was in the mid 1900’s that operations were moved to Peakhurst.

This is one of the few remaining Shines Superfine Varnish tin, in pristine unopened condition. This appears to have been manufactured circa 1910s. We were made aware of it’s existence by an avid antique’s collector and it is currently in their museum for display.

Shines Superfine Varnish tin, pristine unopened condition. Manufactured circa 1910.
Shines corporate logo
Shines logo first started appearing on products in 1995

Robert Rae purchased Shines Pty Ltd from Peter Rooke in August 1995 while the business was based out of Peakhurst. This transferred continuity from the Rooke family to the Rae family. It was around this time that the classical Shines logo was conceptualized and started appearing on all our products.

Robert’s son, Colin Rae, having worked alongside Robert for 20 years, became Managing Director in 2017 and consolidated operations from four different locations into one location at North Richmond. Robert’s favourite quote relating to a customer was that, “Many of our customers are in the business of restoring furniture. God is in the business of restoring people.”

With over a century of legacy, Shines again has new owners in 2022, ready to direct the momentum of decades of quality service and exquisite products into a bright future.

Shines corporate logo

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