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Shines are one of the largest importer of the finest quality of Indian Shellac in Australia since 1909. We stock almost all types of superior grade waxed and de waxed Shellac flakes and powder at our warehouse. The shellac is imported in refrigerated containers and stored in our temperature controlled and dust free cool-rooms to maintain freshness, quality and shelf life. We currently stock the following varieties of shellac which are sold in 25kg wholesale bulk bags. We offer retail quantities via the Online Shop.

Dewaxed White Shellac Powder

Natural shellac is bleached and the wax completely removed. Dewaxed white shellac is in powder form and can be used as a sanding sealer, wood grain filler, near clear french polish and food coating applications

Buy Dewaxed White Shellac powder here.

Waxy White Shellac Powder

Natural shellac is bleached without removing the wax. Waxy white shellac is in powder form and can be used as a final finish of french polishing.

Buy Waxy White Shellac powder here.

Super Blonde & Platina Shellac Flakes

Platina Shellac is a nearly colourless de-waxed shellac used to replicate classical polishing formulations for antique furniture and musical instruments like guitar and pianos. Also known as Super Blonde Shellac, De-waxed Platina Shellac is also used to enhance faded wood, finish curly, quilted and figured woods.

Buy Super Blonde Shellac flakes here.

Buy Platina Shellac flakes here.

Blonde Shellac Flakes

Blonde Shellac is slightly darker de-waxed shellac than the Super Blonde Shellac with the same applications as the Super Blonde Shellac.

Buy Blonde Shellac flakes here.

Lemon Shellac Flakes

Lemon Shellac is de-waxed shellac used for furniture restoration and bespoke furniture production. As the name, it gives a golden brown french polish.

Buy Lemon Shellac flakes here.

Orange Shellac Flakes

Orange Shellac is waxy shellac which has a darker colour and can be used to stain to get the optimum warm red and darker stains in french polishing. Is can also be used a as an effective sealer.

Buy Orange Shellac flakes here.

Button Shellac

Button shellac is a waxy shellac which is tough and has more abrasion resistance making it a perfect choice for finishing floors, woodwork and musical instruments.The manufacturing process of button shellac involves heating to high temperature which polymerizes the resin making it a tough, abrasion & moisture resistant finishing material.

Buy Button Shellac here.

Ruby Shellac Flakes

Ruby Shellac is used on wood with warmer and deeper tones like mahogany, rosewood or mixed with other varnish to provide an optimum colour.

Buy Ruby Shellac flakes here.

Garnet Shellac Flakes

Garnet Shellac is used on wood with warmer and deeper tones like mahogany, rosewood, to enhance light coloured wood or mixed with other varnish to provide an optimum preferred stain.

Buy Garnet Shellac flakes here.

Bysaki Seedlac

Bysaki Seedlac is granular and is the most natural form of shellac which is the base material for the manufacture of all the above shellac. This is not heat treated and is in its basic form with up-to 5% of insoluble matter.

Buy Bysaki Seedlac here.

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